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Paper on Long-lasting Membranes Published in Desalination


The research team from Angel Group Central Research Institute and the State Key Joint Laboratory of Environment Simulation and Pollution Control of Tsinghua University jointly published a paper in Desalination, an interdisciplinary journal publishing high quality papers on desalination materials, processes and related technologies, one of the top three leading academic journals in the water treatment industry.

Title: Performance Enhancement of Spiral-wound Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements with Novel Diagonal-flow Feed Channels
DOI: 10.1016/j.desal.2021.115447


Spiral-wound reverse osmosis membrane elements have been widely applied in household water purification which usually demand a high water recovery rate. Membrane scaling remains an intractable hurdle which would deteriorate the performance of membrane elements. In this study, we developed a novel feed channel with diagonal flow direction, for which the performances were examined by filtration experiments on real membrane elements and the impacts of channel configuration were analyzed via the coupling of computational fluid dynamics simulation with response surface methodology. The results showed that the membrane element with the novel diagonal-flow feed channels exhibited a higher water flux along with lower declining rate and higher salt rejection than the conventional one with axial flow direction. The alteration of water flow direction could considerably increase the average cross-flow velocity in the channel, thus enhancing mass transfer and reducing concentration polarization. For a targeted water recovery of 75% and water flux of ~45 L/(m2·h), the optimal configuration regarding the width ratios of the wide and the narrow openings at inlet/outlet of diagonal-flow feed channels are suggested within the range of 20–43% and 5–10%, respectively. The diagonal-flow feed channel has a promising application prospect for membrane scaling control.


• Novel diagonal-flow feed channel was developed for RO membrane elements.
• Performance of membrane element was enhanced with higher flux and salt rejection.
• Diagonal-flow feed channel could promote mass transfer and reduce membrane scaling.
• Diagonal-flow feed channel is promising when water flux and recovery rate are high.


The publication of the research results concerning long-lasting membrane technology in top international journals represents a breakthrough in traditional technology and the exploration of new fields, thus building Angel's core competitive advantage. In the future, Angel Group Central Research Institute will continue to provide the long-term drive with technological innovation, vigorously pursue technological innovation for catching up, and occupy the market heights for product innovation with original technologies.

Post time: 21-11-26