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Drinking Water Solution for Office

Angel helps employees in office drink water safely and effectively.

The traditional way of providing drinking water in the office basically uses a bottled water dispenser. However, some common problems are caused if enterprises or organizations choose this traditional way: space-hogging water bottles, heavy lifting, secondary pollution of water quality easily, cost quickly adding up with consistent water delivery, and so on. So more and more enterprises and organizations gradually eliminated it and adopted the higher-end, more convenient bottle-less water dispenser with purification, ensuring their employees enjoy better quality drinking water in an economical and eco-friendly way.

According to the usage scenarios of most enterprises and organizations, Angel provides two drinking water solutions for the offices: POU (Point of Use) and POE (Point of Entry). Angel office drinking water solutions range from commercial Reverse Osmosis water dispensers to whole Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems that filter through the entire floor/building providing purified drinking water to every water station.

POU Drinking Water Solution for Office

Angel RO water dispensers are installed where employees need better quality water for drinking. It is suitable for newly built/renovated office buildings or pantries, tap water and drainage outlets are reserved in advance. Angel RO water dispenser models range from simple dispensers to units with multiple temperature options, you just choose the right one according to the installation space and the number of users it needs serve.


POE Drinking Water Solution for Office

With a POE drinking water system, you can purify water in a centralized way, with no need to install and maintain multiple water purification devices. Angel water purifier is installed at the main water line where water first enters the office, and pipeline water dispensers are installed at each drinking water point. POE drinking water solution is suitable for offices where drainage is inconvenient and multiple scattered drinking stations are required.

Key Benefits


Better Water for Drinking

Effectively filter any harmful substances remaining in the water, unwanted smells and tastes, providing cleaner purified water with good fresher flavors.


Cost-Effective, Save the Environment

Save money and time purchasing bottled water. And it reduces bottled water consumption and plastic waste and avoids plastic particles in your body.


Improve Work Efficiency

Encouraging employee water consumption with purified water can help keep working efficiently. No need to set up delivery schedules, no more lifting of water bottles.


Customized Solutions

With membrane manufacturing and system capabilities, Angel can design just the right solution for the drinking water needs of any enterprise or organization.