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Water Purification Solution for Residential

Provide you and your family with the cleanest water, straight from the tap.

Reliable water treatment is crucial for your house. If you are looking to build a water purification solution for your home, Angel can provide every device you need to do so. There are now secure and reliable options that provide better water to your family and the home appliances. The full scope of the water purification solution for residential includes powerful water pre filter, central water filter, reverse osmosis water dispenser and water softener.

Water Pre Filter: Also known as sediment filter, works to eliminate dirt, sand, rust, silt, and other large suspended particles and sediments from the water before it goes through the central water filter.

Central Water Filter: Processes all of the water in the house at the main point of entry, eliminates odors, bad tastes, heavy metal, hard-to-remove iron and muddiness. Filtered water can be used to wash fruits and vegetables, but it can’t be drunk directly.

Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser: Ensures that you get clean and safe drinking water. Besides, it can offer drinking water at different temperatures that address multiple household drinking water needs.

Water Softener: Removes calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from water. Soft water can extend the lifetime of appliances by reducing or eliminating scale build-up, which can improve domestic water quality.

Key Benefits


Better Water for Drinking

Effectively filter any harmful substances remaining in the water and retain the beneficial elements to provide clean and healthy purred water.


Cost-Effective, Save the Environment

With a residential water purification system, you will save money and time purchasing bottled water. It not only reduces bottled water consumption and plastic waste but also avoids plastic particles in your body.


Increases Lifespan of Appliances

After using soft water, the inside of water appliances such as dishwashers, and washing machines, is not easy to scale or block. It significantly reduces the maintenance probability and prolongs the service life of your appliances.


Get Healthier Hair and Skin

Hard water can take a toll on hair and skin, and it even causes flaky and itchy skin sometimes. That’s why we need a water softener. Shampooing, showering, and washing your face with soft water, your hair will feel shiny and more manageable, and your skin will be healthier and smoother.


Good for Your Laundry

Hard water leaves minerals in the weave of most fabrics over time, clothes will start to look dull and dingy sooner, and towels will feel stiff. However, if the clothes and towels are washed in soft water, they will stay brighter regularly and become fluffy soft. In addition, soft water has more washing power than hard water, so you don’t have to use as much detergent to get the same results.